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Wordpress Duplicate Content Issues & Solutions » Freakitude
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Wordpress Duplicate Content Issues & Solutions

Posted by admin in SEO, Tutorials, Word... | 06.16.2007 - 6:18 am

Solving duplicate content problems can help bloggers Rank higher in search engines and prevent genuine website pages from being trashed into supplemental index.

First we need to consider the common duplicate content issues on a typical wordpress blog.

1. Same Content on Index Page and Post Pages.

Duplicate content from last 5-10 posts appears on the blog’s main page.

2. Same Content on Category Pages and Post Pages:

Wordpress allow visitors to surf posts by category & date. So duplicate content from posts is shown on category, archive pages.

3. Same content on www and non-www version of your website: and

In most of the cases blogs are accessible with and without the www subdomain, both of these will return the same page, means a duplicate of the entire blog.

4. Permalinks with and without Trailing Slash: and are treated by google as different pages.

5. Duplicate Content in Post Feed:

Wordpress Blog post feed is a duplicate of post content. If Google bot is indexing website feeds, genuine website pages may end up in the supplemental index.

Now that we understand the most common wordpress duplicate content issues, Lets talk about the possible solutions.


1. Excerpts on Homepage: Displaying post excerpts instead of full posts on the Homepage can solve the problem of duplicate content on homepage.

2. Use Robots.txt: We can tell google bot not to index certain parts of blog that contain duplicate content, like website feed, archives and category pages by creating a robots.txt file.

See my robots.txt file for an example.

3. Use the www preference plugin : This plugin can help us to preserve permalinks by enforcing no-www or yes-www preference. For Ex: Whenever someone tries to access website from will be redirected to

4. Use the Permalink Redirect Plugin : Permalink Redirect Plugin solves the trailing slash problem. This plugin replies with a 301 permanent redirect, if requested URI is different from entry’s permalink.

5. Use the Wordpress Duplicate Content Cure Plugin : Duplicate content cure plugin automatically adds noindex, nofollow meta tags in the header of all wordpress pages that contain duplicate content like archives, category pages, etc.

These were just the ways to prevent search engines from accessing your blog content through different urls.

A serious duplicate content issue is copying content from other websites without reference. This practice can get your blog penalized for duplicate content.

As a blog author you need to be careful not to plagiarize content from other websites, reference your content sources and include a backlink to the source website in your posts.

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  • 17 responses on "Wordpress Duplicate Content Issues & Solutions" »

    A very well organized and written post. I never thought that the presence of slashes or absence at the end of permalink URIs means duplicate content. Thanks for these tips. :)

    Thanks for the comment.

    It came to my mind to write this post after reading your post about supplemental results. :D

    Nice writeup.!

    I had the same issue with a considerable amount of supplemental results. I overcame this with robots.txt and have very little supplemental results now.

    Also i do not use www with my domain as its a subdomain. I tackle that at hosting level rather than at wordpress level.

    Nice post, i never thought that trailing slash is considered to be a duplicate content.

    Thanks for your visit. This tips looks simple but very indeed very useful to avoid our page indexed in supplemental index.

    I have to work hard now to remove my pages from supplemental index. Robots.txt is working but I also use removal tool in Google Webmaster to fasten the result


    […] Lovedeep Wadhwa has 5 easy solutions for you (and me) with his post Wordpress Duplicate Content Issues & Solutions an excerpt: 1. Excerpts on Homepage: Displaying post excerpts instead of full posts on the […]

    Not to hurt anyone, but my educated thought on this subject is that this is… bullshit.

    Duplicate content is a cross site issue: your site being scraped by sploggers for example. NOT a problem within your own site. Telling Google not to index some parts of your site is completely stupid.

    More on why this is a dumb idea.

    Will take care of these once I am with wordpress. Thanks for the post.

    Great roundup and explanation.

    #4 permanent redirect plugin now has an option to take care of www/non-www so you might not need to install #3 (to minimize your number of plugins).

    markus941: Cool. Thanks for the info.

    MyAvatars 0.2 Mark N
    Posted on August 27, 2007

    Thank you for this very helpful post.

    This is a great post, thank you! What about adding “modifying .htaccess” to your list? I know you listed the plugins that I’m guessing will do this for you automatically, but manually changing your .htaccess file is another option that might be worth mentioning.

    […] more, trying to see if there was anymore guidance on this issue, but nothing really stood out. Some articles still proclaim that all duplicate content should be prevented from being indexed, whilst others say […]

    Hmm, I installed duplicate content cure and saw that one of my visitors typed in a keyword for ‘tokyo flash’, but when they clicked on the link, which was for and not the article page, they went straight to the home page. what gives? does the plugin not add no-follow to the index/main page?

    I run a couple adult blogs, what im wondering is how to make wordpress only index my homepage. I notice that i will get kicked out for a keyword because it will go indexing the post and not the front page. How would i got about correcting this so it only indexes my homepage?

    Thanks in advance

    hi- I just wanted to thank you for this awesome and informative post.
    I have read about people getting supplemented because of this.
    I’m currently working on creating a site and am realy worried about this issue with wordpress.
    I wish there were some vidoe tutorials somewhere with someone talking about this issue and step by step instructions on how to resolve it by video.
    I wan to tcreate my site with wordpress but I don’t want to get supplemented because of this issue.
    All the best,

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