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Top 10 Online Video Converters » Freakitude
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Top 10 Online Video Converters

Posted by admin in Internet, Tips Trick... | 09.09.2007 - 12:37 am

Have you ever wanted to convert online videos to your desired format without downloading any software ?

These Top 10 Online Video Converters can help to convert videos from your favorite video websites to your desired format to Run on your PC, Mobile or an iPod.

1. - Online Free FLV Converter. It can convert YouTube videos to Popular Video formats like AVI, DivX, MOV, MPEG4, 3GP,MP4, MP3, iPod Video and PSP Video. Files are converted instantly and it shows the Ajax conversion progress bar.

2. ZamZar: Free Online file conversion service. It can convert your online videos to a number of video formats. The converted files are sent via email.

3. REMOVED (adult site now) : FLVix can Convert videos from YouTube, Google Video or directly from .FLV file. Supported formats are AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP3, MP4.

4. All2Convert : It can convert videos from Youtube. You can also upload FLV files from PC. Very fast video conversion.

5. Tubefish : Tubefish video converter can convert your videos instantly to MPEG, AVI, MOV, 3GP and Divx.

6. Movavi : Movavi is another online video converter. It notifies via email when converted files are ready to download.

7. VideoCodeZone - It can convert videos from Youtube, daily motion, break, metacafe. Supports various popular video formats.

8. Media Converter : Media Convert is an online media converter. It requires registration for converting videos from youtube.

9. Vconvert : Vconvert can Convert online flv and youtube videos to compatible formats for your iPod/iPhone, mobile phone.

10. Convert Tube : Another Instant Online Video Converter. It can convert videos to MP3, MP4, MOV and 3GP.

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  • 27 responses on "Top 10 Online Video Converters" »

    WOW! There are so many. I only knew about and Tubefish. Thanks for compiling and sharing them.

    Out of these , i like Convert Tube .

    Great list, so many options and most of them supports you tube. Stumbled this post.

    Thanks Nirmal. :)

    Great! Finally, I found a service which converts YouTube Videos directly to MP4, so that I can feed it to my N95. Thanks Lovedeep!

    Convert Tube’s interface is pretty cool :D

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    Well, i was to post on the same topic, but now i have changed a bit. i was looking for online downloader and converter

    […] 1 - 10 Online Video Converters […]

    now there are lots of cool apps even, i mean not web apps but apps which converts and downloads files from you tube and other video spaces in various different format.

    MyAvatars 0.2 Fred
    Posted on September 21, 2007

    You forgot in your list VideoBloom, the best online video site to help businesses create, convert and distribute online video.

    You can also use a bunch of offline converters but those services are fine too.

    I found this amazing website it is a WEB 2.0 that supports all media files conversion it is called, they can do the following:
    1- Convert document, images, audio, video and Archived files.
    2- Convert any Youtube and other Online Video to popular formats or download the video
    3- Send file(s) up to 300 MB to friends or post it on any forum for 7 days
    4- Convert any type of units (Acceleration, Area, Torque and others)

    what makes them amazing is you can add up to 5 different file formats, i used them to convert a document and couple of audio files.

    Try them and give me your feedback

    […] you ever wanted to convert online videos to your desired format without downloading any software […]

    MyAvatars 0.2 Flammablepiss
    Posted on December 25, 2007



    […] including Bluetooth and built in GPS. 2592×1944 pixels on a cell phone, thats cool.. VGA Video Capture, and flash… Awesome […]

    Great post.

    I knew only about Thanks for letting us know about many other video sites that helps for video conversion.

    MyAvatars 0.2 bagnuts
    Posted on February 9, 2008

    Does anybody know how to convert this url from videojug?

    I tried most of the above programs, but unfortunatele none of these worked ….

    I tried too, doesn’t work

    Hey… what about me? I’m Mux the Happy Hungry Videobot - I support the latest codecs, formats, sites and mobiles!

    MyAvatars 0.2 josi
    Posted on March 5, 2008

    i prefere video tool.
    for me all is perfect there…

    […] - it’s not your fault. Here I have brought 10 more links to 10 more online video-converters. Top 10 Online Video Converters Freakitude It does have the one offered by Asminha too. Oh, she knows everything!!! __________________ […]

    MyAvatars 0.2 cspy
    Posted on June 6, 2008

    I use the NetVideoHunter addon for Firefox to download videos and music from any site with embedded players. It’s working well for me:

    MyAvatars 0.2 agts
    Posted on August 4, 2008

    nice one, i know about vixy but sometimes it just doesn’t work


    MyAvatars 0.2 mike
    Posted on August 22, 2008

    I recommend , free video online converter, that supports many sites and is not confusing and very easy to use!

    MyAvatars 0.2 mike
    Posted on September 6, 2008

    I recommend Video Online Converter

    New service, supports over 70 video sharing portals and easy to use, no registration required!

    hi there

    link #3 is now linking to some ADULT site /

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