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Best CPM Network - Top 10 CPM ad networks - Highest CPMs Program » Freakitude
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Best CPM Network - Top 10 CPM ad networks - Highest CPMs Program

Posted by admin in Blogging Tips, Monet... | 01.03.2008 - 4:23 pm

Here is our list based on over a year running 1,000,000s of impressions (not on this site, but we wish ;)
These are our thoughts based on networks we are part of. If you wondering about one we do not mention, we have not joined them yet.

1. Adsdaq - Been running for several months, filled 50% during holiday season , High CPM, Pick your CPM Rate, Run It first, then Right Media Second, works great! Good reporting, easy to use interface.

2. Right Media - Direct Media Exchange - Been running for 6 months, Pretty High CPM, Good thing is you can set the CPM you get on other networks and they only fill if they beat the CPM you set. Great because they have many companies in there exchange network including (Xtend, Vizi Direct, Rydium, Revenue Science, Oridian, Directa Networks, Bannerconnect Networks, Active Response Group, Adtegrity, CPX Interactive, and Remix Media). They also have great reporting, and you can use them as a free ad server for any direct sales etc.
Direct Media Exchange

3. Tribal Fusion - Been running almost a year, high CPMs but hard to get into, Great pop-under CPMs, Ok Reporting

4. Burst Media - Decent CPMs, Sometimes get direct advertisers, Good Reporting

5. Casale Media - Good Popunder rates, seems great for few months then CPMs went down. Don’t know if it was seasonal or what, but since they are later fill in our system probably is part of the reason.

6. Value Click Media - Decent Popunder rates, lot of fill, don’t like there reporting and slow interface.

7. Realtech Network - LOW Cpms, bad interface, ok for final fill

8. Robert Sherman - Terrible Reporting, LOW CPMs, ok for fill, one good thing they prepay in $25 increments, although you never no how much you going to make because the reporting is so bad.
Robert Sherman

Oops only 8, well Again this is based on our own experience with ad networks we have used. We’ll try to get more detailed but wanted to get discussion going with others…

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  • 16 responses on "Best CPM Network - Top 10 CPM ad networks - Highest CPMs Program" »

    Great post! I’ve been looking for a good CPM based ad network, these will surely help.

    […] Planning to monetize your blog. After PPC advertising, you may want to try CPM adds also. Freakitude gives you a list of top performing CPM ad networks. […]

    I agree about Robert Sherman. Been using them for nearly 5 months and I’ve had 2 earnings reports, both of which I had to request multiple times. On top of that I have to keep reminding them to send me stats reports (which don’t actually tell you anything). I’m thinking of just dropping them completely and trying something else.

    MyAvatars 0.2 Eric Chen
    Posted on March 24, 2008

    The only ad network I have ever had success with was They are more of a site repping company, but if you can get in with them they are pretty solid. Customer support sucks, but they pay well.

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    […] more use of the CPM networks in our Top 10 CPM networks (uh 8), We still rank them pretty close but have a few […]



    what about widgetbucks, are they any good?

    What about adbrite? I have an Adbrite banner paying me 35$ per 1000 Impressions!

    Very useful

    adbrite Better Than google adsense

    MyAvatars 0.2 Rebecca
    Posted on July 28, 2008

    I have used Right Media- CPX interactive, Remix Media & Kitara. All of them sucks!
    After serving 300,000 impression I earned $22 in the first month. In the next month cpm rate dropped even more. I was able to earn only $14 in 300K+ impression. Finally, I removed the ads without getting paid.

    […] This Blog post says they suck in a post from january I am betting they do __________________ Solid Gamers Game Hopper […]

    MyAvatars 0.2 Tyler
    Posted on August 20, 2008

    LOL wtf was the robert sherman link a joke? I went to it and all that showed up was a cheesy blue background..

    Isn’t Adbrite in this category too? can you review it please?

    WidgetBucks Sucks! 0.02 for 890 impressions.

    The best is ADSDAQ.COM!
    0.81 for 1009 impressions.

    I tested both and i keep ADSDAQ!


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